Research Service for B2B

MaRS B2B Research

We are operating in a rapidly changing social and economic environment in the country and business-to-business research needs to take into account these key changes in the business environment. The business paradigm has changed - from being mainly technology and product driven to incorporating aspects of customized customer requirements

New demand on Business-to-Business Research :

  • Respond and provide information quickly,
  • Innovate, and introduce creativity in research tools,
  • Develop monitoring systems that are capable of providing timely alerts,
  • Economic and Marketing professionals to play a greater variety of roles

At MaRS, we say that you know your business better than us but building on from your knowledge that you pass on to us, we can give you insights and intelligence from which your business can greatly benefit.

Research Services

MaRS offers both strategic and tactical research services. Some of the types of research techniques MaRs is expert in are :

  • Forecasting
  • Product and Concept Test
  • Pricing Research
  • Business Customer Satisfaction
  • Segmentation Research
  • Brand-Price Trade-Off
  • Employee Research
  • Markets and Opportunities Research
Some Special Expertise

Forecasting is the trickiest of all research tasks! No one model works for all. We specialize in using heuristic technique using both primary (customer preferences, buying behavior, brand salience and others) and secondary data including economic and industrial trend.


Pricing Research
We are flexible in our approach to pricing research. If the category has a large market and purchase cycle is quite frequent, we like to use the Van Westendorp technique, all the four questions or a truncated version, depending on the nature of the category. In other cases, we use laddering

Statistical Analysis is our Forte