MaRS Satisfaction Study

Customer Satisfaction Research

MaRS has a specialist customer satisfaction division which captures the perceptions of consumers on a regular basis. Our studies have been accepted by many leading companies as industry benchmarks and have been used to improve quality, satisfaction and business performance. Major study findings get published in Hindustan Times, the leading newspaper in India, as they sponsor part of the studies.

Some of the categories for which we have carried out national level customer satisfaction studies include :

  • Airline operators
  • Cars
  • Banks
  • Credit Cards
  • Mediclaim
  • Mobile service operators
  • White Goods
  • DTH

Many of these findings were syndicated to leading companies form among airline operators, Banks, Automobile companies, Credit cards and DTH.

Two Proprietary action standard tools developed by MaRS are :

  1. Dispersion Analysis :
    This calculates the variation in company performance across towns as compared to the all town average. This indicator will make companies make client servicing more homogeneous across towns.
  2. Strength and Weakness Analysis :
    This is a unique segmentation analysis that will look at various service attributes and cluster them into strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats.

Our latest approach to measuring customer satisfactions include :

  • Measuring expectancy dis-confirmation :
    It is based on the hypothesis that satisfaction with a product or performance is directly influenced by expectation on the same held by the customer before purchase and consumption. We have developed normative measures on this.

  • Distance from the ideal :
    A customer many times makes compromises in making a purchase, either because of cost or some other consideration. At the same time the customer may have an ideal product in his mind with respect to category performance. We allow the customer to perceive an ideal performance and rate the product on perceived distance of the product performance with the possible ideal performance

An innovative approach to satisfaction measurement

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