Retail Gauge

Retail Gauge

MaRS offers a set of specialized tactical Retail Research Modules to monitor brand performance at the final contact boundary between the brand and the consumer.

Module 1: Special Flux Monitoring

A brand is launched, an aggressive brand promotion scheme is introduced or there is a flux in the market – regular retail audit is not sensitive enough to monitor these. A special monitor is required - with specially defined universe and reporting frequency.

Module 2: Marker Monitoring

A few key SKUs are identified by the client that reflects the company performance in the category. These SKUs are termed ‘marker SKUs’. For each marker SKU, one or more competing SKUs are also selected. Monitoring these SKUs in a few towns among select profile and number of outlets can provide indicators of company performance far more effectively than almost any other measure.

Module 3: Drawing Channel Portraits

A combination of qualitative enquiry among outlet owners, POP surveys and shop observation are carried out to draw channel portraits.

TradeGuage:FMCG - Module 3: Drawing Channel Portraits

Module 4: Retail Gauge: The Pre-tester

To choose the optimum BTL option, the MaRS pre-tester brings empiricism to decision making

  • Test a merchandising option on a small scale before national level adoption.
  • Select the best option from a short list.

Methodology depends on the objective, and will vary for different cases.