Micro Monitors

Micro Monitors

Intermediate Brand Behavior

MicroMonitor module has been devised by MaRS on the fundamental premise that,
  • Change occurs in small doses,
  • Micro behaviors are the key to the aggregate, and
  • Simple and evocative indicators have greater explanatory power than more complicated and elaborate models.

To measure and monitor campaign performance of an established and well known brand, the module adds another premise, backed by empirical data, that, the standard brand/campaign performance indicators such as awareness levels, brand image ratings, campaign awareness and similar other measures remain good status indicators but do not reflect flux in consumer behavior.

MaRS MicroMonitor has two primary modules :
  1. Measurement of brand momentum
  2. Intermediate behavior monitor.

Brand momentum is measured using a metrical analysis of consumers’ reaction to the recent brand campaign and professed trend in relationship and association with the brand.

The concept of intermediate behavior has its origin in various consumer behavior studies which have demonstrated that induced market fluxes- a brand launch, a major advertising campaign, a large consumer promotion scheme- bring about subtle intermediate changes in consumer attitudes and behavior, before the consumer decides to adopt or not adopt the new product or the brand.

MaRS has identified four types of Intermediate Brand behaviors and measures have been developed for each of them. These are :
  • Introspective Behavior
  • Interpersonal Behavior
  • Interaction with Trade
  • Brand Predilection

Retail Audit System

Monitoring Brand and Market Flux

In a market where flux is continuous, you need to constantly monitor brand performance differentials :
You or your competitor may launch a new brand / pack
You need to monitor it every two weeks
You are planning a new sales promotion scheme
You want a system to closely monitor its impact on brand performance
You are looking for a more sensitive sales monitoring system in a town
You need a system that assesses differentials across neighborhood, type and size of outlets
The standard retail audit measures provides you with estimates that smoothens out the micro effects, i.e. the differentials, Further it can't provide,
  • Feedback within short 'actionable' time periods,
  • Sensitivity and dispersion analysis across space, type or other characteristics of the market place; or
  • Trend analysis at outlet level.

You may run a Micro Audit System in a specific town on a regular basis or
as a special ad-hoc monitoring device

Want to run different schemes at different town or different locations within the same town ?

Want to know what was the impact of the price cut in a week's time ?

To know - what is working and what is not

To know - within actionable time

To know - within actionable space

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